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Step into the world of creativity and imagination with Chris Pero’s art!

Prepare to be amazed as Chris, a true artist at heart, takes you on a journey through color, texture, and form.

Chris’s artistry delves deep into the elemental force of nature and the aquatic world. Proficient
in glass blowing, printmaking, photography, and painting, she reveals her vibrant inner world of
nature through various mediums. Each painting is a harmonious interplay of color and
texture—a dance where each layer unfurls its own significance, adding an enchanting touch to
her creations.
Nurtured by summers on the shores of Lake Erie, water’s influence has been a guiding force in
Chris’s life, steering her toward a BAFA specializing in non-silver photography from the
University of New Mexico. Her exploration into glass and printmaking was born from a lifelong
pursuit of capturing the essence—the textures, forms, colors, and fluidity—of nature.
Chris embodies resilience, living vibrantly with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Through her art, she
seeks to inspire others, encouraging the daily commitment to living life to the fullest despite
challenges. Her contributions include sharing her art to benefit the National MS Society, Bike
MS, and the Blanchet House Shelter.
As the president and owner of Perodesign, a commercial art consultancy, Chris has brought her
creative vision to professional realms. Now calling Portland, Oregon, home with her husband
Scott and feline companion Stella, the tranquil embrace of water continues to fuel and shape
her artistic odyssey.